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Alanna C.

I worked with Jen for about 6 months.  When I started, I knew that I needed help breaking through walls and blocks I had, but couldn't see for myself how to get to the other side.  Jen has a beautiful way of knowing exactly when to ask questions to get to the breakthrough and holding space so that all the emotions can come up.  I was able to really get to my heart and move so much grief, sadness, and shame that I didn't even know was still there.  

I started my sessions totally unable to connect to my heart and ended very connected, able to access my emotions, able to process my triggers, and feeling much more free.  My friends tell me that I feel much lighter to be around.  I am able to connect with other people much more easily.  I have been able to go on dates without so much fear and they say, "you're so classy.  You're so elegant."  (!!)  Because I am able to show up without a guard and just have fun and connect.  I feel so grateful for my time with Jen and you will, too!  Thank you, Jen!

Image by Christiana Rivers


At first, I was resistant. Not because I am scared of the inner work. I had been doing it for years. Not only am I a therapist, I did years of therapy myself! And a ton of other healing modalities to boot! And yet, despite all the years of work, I could not quite shake the recurrent pattern I was experiencing: meeting men who did not value me the way I knew deep in my soul that I deserved. 


What happened after that was nothing short of a miracle. You see, I entered coaching at 40 years old. I told Jen, I still longed for a healthy relationship with a healthy man, but I feel like I've done so much, I was not sure what more I could do.

So, what transpired during those seven months of working with Jen that led me to finding a man of unparalleled kindness, who treats me in ways I never thought possible? To put it simply, I think it comes down to something I made up called the four Ss:


1) Skills- I learned key skills in effectively writing profile prompts, evaluating profiles to determine seriousness, understanding verbal and non-verbals, and moving past casual messaging to something more substantive (or moving on). 


2) Somatic Understanding- I am definitely more aware of my body's signals. The biggest A-HA moment for me was learning that I had misinterpreted the "butterflies!" For years I relied on this feeling- thinking it was "a sign!" It was, but not the one I thought! It was a warning sign, telling me STOP. GO NO FURTHER. THIS MAN IS TROUBLE!


3) Self-Awareness- Although Jen is kind beyond words, she is also honest. She has a masterful way of breaking through unconscious areas to help you bring them to light, so you can do something different. Not easy work, trust me. But work that is worth it.


4) Spiritual Remembrance- Jen sets you on the spiritual remembrance path: this path is subtle and yet, ineffably and profound. Jen reconnected me with myself, reminding me that my soul traveled all this way for something greater than how I was living. I deserved more, we all do.


There are no words for what Jen did for me. Yes, she helped me free the blocked energies, so I could attract the man who will soon be my husband. This was the initial goal of why I worked with her: to find him. And yet, she gave me much more-- she helped me understand what's been blocking me from truly embracing the goddess in me; my femininity, my divinity, my worthiness. And to be frank- this was the greatest gift anyone has given me.


From the depth of me, I am grateful I came across Jen: one of the most powerfully gifted healers I know. And from all of me, I hope you will bless yourself with the gift of Jen, too!

Fashion in Pink

Megan J.

The time flew by and not only was every moment of it enjoyable, it was also very beneficial! I feel clearer and happier than I did before the call and I feel excited to put into practice some of the things Jen guided me in. I felt amazed at how fast Jen guided me, using encouragement, questions and her own beautiful presence, to deepen and tune-in to my own personal heart and feminine essence. I still feel the "after-glow" of the session, and feel like I got a firsthand experience on an even deeper level of what it feels like to be totally refreshed by spending time in and with deeply nourishing feminine. Ladies if you're thinking about signing up for a call do it! You will be blessed! ❤️❤️❤️xoxo


Franceen M.

I’m so thankful for you Jen – I honestly have never had anyone help me this successfully – so please give yourself a huge crown because you are not only a queen but you are helping me dust off my crown as well. You are so loved and I am so grateful!

Image by Oliver Pacas

Nina Z.

Jen is a brilliant light guiding me to find my own voice. Only after a few sessions I see my outer world expanding in beautiful ways while I remain peaceful.

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