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About Me

My name is Jennifer and I live on the beautiful West Coast of Canada. I am a healer, teacher, mentor, trauma-informed counsellor and coach.

My passion for inner work and learning about relationships began at an early age. I was a child of divorced parents, raised by a single immigrant mother, and grew up in much chaos and dysfunction. I did not have a model for a healthy relationship, so I read books, attended courses and ate up all the knowledge that I could. I was determined not to repeat the mistakes of my parents. After many failed relationships in adulthood, however, I knew that there was more work that needed to be done. 

In 2015 I dedicated my time to healing myself at a deep level. I trained and worked with trauma counsellors, relationship coaches, spiritual healers, intuitives, and feminine energy specialists. 

I then went on to receive my M.Ed. in Counselling and over the years have worked with clients from all over the world, sharing the healing that has helped myself and many others transform.

Today I help people heal their subconscious patterns and develop a loving relationship with themselves so that they can truly have the fulfilling relationships they desire.

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